Friday, May 17, 2013

Something New: Country Music

So, being born and raised in New York I was never really exposed to the world of country music. I've always been very open to all different types of music, but the North never gave me the opportunity to really delve into the country genre. Attending university in Oklahoma was a huge culture shock for me, and in the beginning I was super resistant to letting in the charms of the South. But, Southern Charm worn me down and I've finally opened my heart and my ears to the world of country music.

I tweeted asking my friends and followers for their ideas on what to listen to in a country music starter playlist. here's what I've been listening to for the past two weeks! All music can be listened to on Spotify.

  • Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
  • Luke Bryan - Drunk On You
  • Luke Bryan - In Love With The Girl
  • Jessica Andrews - Summer Girls
  • Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy
  • Hunter Hayes - Wanted
  • Eli Young Band - Even If It Breaks Your Heart
  • Eli Young Band - Guinevere
  • Eli Young Band - Oklahoma Girl
  • Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss
  • Brad Paisley - The World
What are some of your favorite country songs?

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