Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick Tips: Sorority Recruitment

I know, this is super early in the summer. But, as a former Director of Formal Recruitment, current first night chair, and member of every recruitment committee there is I can say that it is never too early to begin thinking about recruitment. Notice, I say "begin thinking about" and not "begin stressing about."

Recruitment should not be a time of panic and stress, but a time when you are looking for your home away from home; because that's honestly what this is all about. Your sorority will be your family while at school and overtime they'll become your family away from school as well. My sisters are honestly my best friends and I know I could go to any of them for anything. Go into recruitment with this in mind. You should choose the house that is best for you. And you can listen to what other people say about each house and where they believe you belong, but in the end it needs to be your decision. You will be the new member, not them.

With all of that said, here are some things to keep in mind as you go from house to house during recruitment:

  • Do not appear desperate. We've all met someone who seemed like they were dying for our approval and it is such a turn off. Keep your composure and keep your cool. These girls want to get to know you. Don't give them a reason not to. 
  • Use your manners. A sorority is a place filled with young women and ladies and you should act as such. Make it easy for them to see you fitting in. Sit or stand upright. Speak clearly. Maintain eye contact. Remain present in the conversation. No foul language. Houses don't want members who they believe will make them look bad.
  • No gossiping. This is not your xoxo Gossip Girl moment. Don't talk about the other houses or the other PNMs. You don't want to be labeled as the girl who's going to talk behind the other girls' backs.
  • Keep it simple. While you may have a fabulous dress with feathers covering the entire skirt, and it looks amazing on you, now is not the time. You don't want your clothing, nails, hair, accessories, etc. to overshadow you. The houses want to get to know you, not your outfit.
  • Be true to you. This isn't the time to try out a brand new hairstyle or way of doing your makeup. You want to be sure you are showing the houses who you really are, and not you who you think they want you to be.
  • Remain positive. I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment if you've met this girl and you think she's perfect and you want to rip open your heart and give her your entire life's story, but this is not the time. There will be plenty of opportunities for tears once you've joined a house, but you don't want to appear over emotional or unstable. Open up so they know you, but you should still have some secrets to keep them wanting more.
  • Listen. There can be a lot going on, and you're trying to look at the house and the other girls, but really listen to your rusher. You'll want to remember what you talked about in each house so that you can make an educated decision in the way that you rank the houses. 
  • Ask questions. Though they may appear it, the girls you meet are not perfect. They may forget to tell you something that you're dying to know about. You are allowed to ask questions. Should it be an interrogation? No, but she knows you want to know about her house.

I hope this helps some of you PNMs to be! I was someone who didn't know anything about recruitment beforehand and was so unsure of how to behave. If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I'll be doing another post all about what to wear sometime soon!

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