Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Currently Listening To: 5 Seconds of Summer

So I've not really posted it about it on here, but I am obsessed with One Direction. I could go on about them for ages, but this post is not about them. I do, however, credit them for introducing me to the band that's been on repeat for the past couple of days; 5 Seconds of Summer. They just released their EP She Looks So Perfect and oh my gosh, you guys. 

They've got a fun, upbeat, and rocky sound and all of their music is totally catchy. It's nice to actually listen listen to but has totally been working as my background music as I've been getting stuff done the past couple of days. 

This EP is great. They picked some really great songs to send out there that are certain to be caught in the listeners' minds. But once you're obsessed with the BLANK tracks off of the EP don't fret! There's another earlier EP out there and loads of covers done by the guys too! So don't worry; your 5SoS fix doesn't have to end with She Looks So Perfect.

You can pre-order the EP from iTunes here is you're in the US. I'll leave you guys with the video for "She Looks So Perfect." Hope your week is off to a great start! Love ya!

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