Thursday, April 24, 2014

Currently Listening To: The Vamps

SERIOUSLY I CAN'T. These boys are so stinkin' cute. I first heard the Vamps single "Wild Heart" on BBC Radio 1 in January and just fell in love. So, of course, I looked them up on YouTube and binge watched all of their covers. Just what a talented group of guys. And finally; a full album. Praise.

"Can We Dance" has been one of my favorite tracks for ages and I'm so happy to hear it on this album along with familiar tracks and new ones as well. But you guys. AH. I really like this album. I've had it playing in the background a lot lately and just haven't stopped bopping along. It's fun and it's light but it's sassy and I like it so much. I keep catching myself humming the tracks and I didn't even realize I knew them already. 

Give this a listen you guys. It's way better than I expected it to be. 

Hope your week is going well! Cheers! xx

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