Thursday, May 15, 2014

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jack Johnson - From Here to Now to You

I think there's something really cool about sharing music. In my opinion, if someone tells you a piece of music resonates with them then you should take the time to really listen to it. You might not understand exactly how it makes them feel or why it sits so strongly with them, but I don't know I think it's special.

Anyway - point comma get to it - I'd asked someone recently if he could only listen to one album from this point on which would he choose and he replied with Jack Johnson's From Here to Now to You. So I downloaded the album and listened to it on my flight on my trip back to New York from Oklahoma.

Instead of recommending you the tracks that I like, I'm going to let you know which ones have been recommended to me. I promise, I agree with all of these recommendations or I wouldn't be passing them on. The entire album is really nice, but there a few standouts (as there usually are). 
  • I Got You
  • Washing Dishes
  • Never Fade - both his and my personal favorite
So to end this post I'm just going to say share the music that you love and really listen to the music that the people in your life hold dear to them. It says a lot and means a lot.

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