Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bluegrass Charm

Earlier in the year, I was sent a couple of products from an adorable company called Bluegrass Charm. Based in Kentucky, this shop has all of your monogrammed needs and is super precious! Best part about it? The quality of the goods are great and the prices won't break the bank! Win win!

This post is long overdue, but I wanted  to give you a peek at what they sent me because everything is adorable and better late than never I suppose!

Firstly, they sent me two keychains (both are adorable). The first one is an Alpha Phi embroidered key chain. I had a keychain like this my freshman year and I used it until it fell apart, so I was beyond excited to see this in my package. The colors are gorgeous and it hasn't really gotten dirty at all.

The second keychain is a plastic circle with the BC logo on it and a cute grey and white chevron ribbon tied at the top. This one is also great quality and has resisted chipping as well as fraying. Love both of these! 
Next thing in the package was a coozie with the brand logo in glitter and oh my gosh the amount of times I have used this? I couldn't even tell you. I love this coozie. I have a lot of coozies and let me tell you this one is great. And of course I love the glitter detailing. 
Also inside were two monogram decals. The quality of these is really nice and the lettering is very crisp and precise. I haven't used them yet because I'm sure of what I want to put them on. Do you have any suggestions? You can order these from their Etsy page here.

Along with these goodies, I was also sent a Logo Tee with my monogram on the front, all printed in gold glitter, and a black and white chevron infinity scarf with my monogram embroidered in red. Unfortunately, both of these are still at school so I won't be able to show you these until August, but once I'm back I'll absolutely show you those as well!

Current'y, Bluegrass Charm's Shop Envy page is under construction, but their Etsy, Tumblr, and website are all up and running! 

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