Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Companionable Silence

There's a lot to be said about relationships where the conversations just flows on and on effortlessly. With some of my very best friends I find that we can talk endlessly about anything and everything. I wouldn't trade any of those relationships for anything, but what I never really took the time to appreciate a different type of relationship; a relationship that thrives on quiet.

In a lot of ways, my little brother and I are very similar. We enjoy a lot of the same books, movies, and television shows as well as certain hobbies and topics of thought and conversation. Our greatest similarity though has to be our enjoyment of quiet. We're definitely both people who like being plugged in to our varying devices, but often being plugged in can make us seem removed.

He's home from school this week for spring break and during the day it's usually just the pair of us in the house. We're definitely enjoying the time together but we're enjoying it separately and I think that's what I find so interesting. Monday we were both in the living room, he on one couch and I on another, and he was switching between his phone and his PS Vita while I was reading A Series of Unfortunate Events (which I've just started from the beginning and am loving all over again) on my eReader with a cup of tea. We sat apart for hours, but it was just so lovely to have him in the same room.

Despite not saying much of anything and being involved in our own focuses, having him around was so nice. Simply the presence of another person in the room really boosted the mood of my day, and knowing he was entertained whilst I entertained myself was lovely. A lot of people talk about how us younger folk don't know how to interact with one another or that we're always involved with something in our hands, but I think that's nuts. If we're both enjoying ourselves separately together, then who am I to disturb that? I read a whole book on Monday because I was so comfortable. And if the only contact my brother and I had that afternoon was the exchanging of smiles across the living room, then where's the harm in that?

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