Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Currently Listening To: 5 Seconds of Summer

So I've not really posted it about it on here, but I am obsessed with One Direction. I could go on about them for ages, but this post is not about them. I do, however, credit them for introducing me to the band that's been on repeat for the past couple of days; 5 Seconds of Summer. They just released their EP She Looks So Perfect and oh my gosh, you guys. 

They've got a fun, upbeat, and rocky sound and all of their music is totally catchy. It's nice to actually listen listen to but has totally been working as my background music as I've been getting stuff done the past couple of days. 

This EP is great. They picked some really great songs to send out there that are certain to be caught in the listeners' minds. But once you're obsessed with the BLANK tracks off of the EP don't fret! There's another earlier EP out there and loads of covers done by the guys too! So don't worry; your 5SoS fix doesn't have to end with She Looks So Perfect.

You can pre-order the EP from iTunes here is you're in the US. I'll leave you guys with the video for "She Looks So Perfect." Hope your week is off to a great start! Love ya!

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Lots of people had requested this tutorial over on my tumblr and this was seriously so much fun to film! This was my first time filming a tutorial, and I think it went pretty well; though next time I think I'm going to record my voiceover using my camera as opposed to recording the audio straight into GarageBand using my MacBook Pro. Anyway, here it is! All of the products used will be listed under the cut!

Spring Break 2014: Turner Falls

This semester for spring break my family and I decided it'd be best for me to stay here in Oklahoma. Being from New York, it's expensive to catch a flight home for such a short amount of time. Originally, not much was planned for my week in OKC but I was so happy and so surprised that one of my great friends and sorority sisters was coming into town. My twin (Alpha Phi twin, not blood twin) was staying in town as well, along with some of my other close friends, and the week turned out to be much more than I could have hoped for.

On Thursday we headed towards Turner Falls, which is about an hour and half drive from campus, and made a mini vacation day. 

Now, being from suburban New York, I've always considered myself to be more of a city girl but being out at the falls really had me feeling adventurous. We went on a hike up the side of the falls and once all the way at the top, we climbed down into the water. Despite being the slowest and most afraid one out of the bunch, I think I held my own. I'm afraid of heights and I stood at the top of a cliff and looked down and out into the water; I am so proud of myself.

After heading downstream to peer out over the falls, making our way back upstream to wear we'd left our shoes, climbing back up the cliff side towards the pathway, and making our way into a small cave, we headed back down towards the pool level and laid out on the makeshift beach for a while. The day was so wonderful and so unexpected. If you had asked me if I'd be hiking around Oklahoma cliffs and streams during my spare time, I would have thought you were insane.

What I'm saying is I am so thankful for my friends and the experiences I've been able to have with them whilst here in Oklahoma. Most of my closest friends are graduating in May and I'm not sure what it's going to be like during my last semester without them. There are six-ish weeks until most of my class graduates and it's the strangest thing just knowing I'll be back for a few more months whilst they won't be. 

Be adventurous guys. Hang out with your friends. Make the most of all of the time you have together, whether it be climbing cliffs or grabbing drinks and having IHOP at three thirty in the morning (it happens, stop judging me). Just enjoy each other.