Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Away from Home

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday, and a great weekend if you aren't of the celebrating persuasion. It turned out to be a really nice day, here in Oklahoma City, and the rain held off until this morning which I appreciated.

While we did have a half day of classes for Good Friday (I attend a Methodist university so we get some Christian holidays off) I wasn't able to go home for the weekend. Being from New York, it's hard to get home; I'm usually only home for the summer and Christmas. Luckily for me, a lot of my friends are in the same boat as so many of us performance majors are from all over. I was able to spend the afternoon with some of my dearest friends and my sorority sisters and have a lovely brunch. We did an Easter basket exchange, which was so cute, and had mimosas and cooked and it just really turned out to be a lovely day.

My freshman year it really freaked me out to be away from my family during holidays. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving or Easter in four years and it used to be a real bummer. Looking back, it's been kind of nice. I've gotten to experience the Thanksgiving traditions of three different families and create new traditions for Easter with friends. A lot of my favorite memories have been made spending time with my friends when I couldn't be home with my family and while freshman Val would have never believed me, I wouldn't trade these times for anything in the world.

Anyway, I hope you're starting off your weeks with full hearts the way I am. Happy Monday!

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