Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Afternoon Adventures

This semester has been an absolute whirlwind. I'm applying for graduation, finalizing my major and minor, locking in my levels and weight, and just all around getting ready for the real world. Without a doubt, my ass is being kicked by the to do list I've been keeping. What's really been getting me through are my friends and my family. My mom is my number one supporter and, even after I've let her down and pushed her past her limits, she's never given up on me. But sometimes it's hard to lean on someone who lives so far away. It's times like now that I'm glad to have the friends I do.

One of my very best friends Sarah (you can find her here) was looking to get away from Oklahoma City last Sunday and called me for some back up. It ended up being only a couple of hours, but wow I am so beyond glad she called. We'd had an original plan to find a pumpkin patch out of town and grab a couple to make our living areas more seasonable. While things didn't exactly go as planned, the day was wonderful.

We first headed over to the OU campus in Norman to grab a sweet treat from Hurt's Donut Company. Holy cow. Now only are there amazing donuts like Maple Bacon and Fruity Pebbles, but they make a milkshake to compliment each donut. I got myself a mint chocolate donut and the shake to match. It was heaven. 
After hopping back into the car and getting back on the road, we turned to Siri to take us to a pumpkin patch at a farm about twenty minutes out of Norman. As it turned out, we'd gotten our addresses confused and ended up driving in the complete opposite direction, but wow was it gorgeous. I'd never seen such a beautiful part of Oklahoma.

We drove for ages just getting lost in the scenery, making a mini road trip out of the day. Despite being lost, we were happy. Sarah and I rolled down the windows, opened the overhead panel, turned up the music and just let the wind flow our hair into our lipstick as we sang along. We never found a pumpkin patch, and ended up picking up some great ones over at the Neighborhood Walmart, but we had a seriously wonderful day.

Sometimes you just really need to step out of your bubble and free yourself from all of the heaviness weighing on your shoulders and your mind. A little day of zen can sometimes be all that you need to recharge your soul, and having someone you adore so much by your side can turn anything around. 
So take an adventure. Get lost in the world and let yourself enjoy today, because it will be gone before you know it.

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