Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pink Pleats

Corfu, Greece


Spending the summer is Europe has been like living in a dream. The places are beautiful, the food is amazing, the there’s tons of pretty buildings to serve as great photo backdrops. I’ve also been able to shop in some new stores we don’t have back in the States, one of my favorites being Pull & Bear. Oh man this store. I am lucky that they don’t have locations in the US because I would be broke. I picked up some summer pieces that were starting to go on sale, and one of my favorites was this pink pleated skirt. It’s so comfortable, but so chic! Definitely something I’m glad I snagged for 4 euros! This skirt is so lightweight so it’s been easy to wear during the scorching summer months. I’m interested to see if I can pull this skirt into the fall and winter as well; I just love the look of bright colors against the snow of the winter time.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I’m getting suckered into the flatform trend. While these sneakers aren’t too dramatic in their height, the rhinestone accents make the shoes so eye catching and fun to wear. The simple crochet crop top (which is a recognizable summer favorite of mine at this point) and the slicked back bun really allow the bright pink of the skirt to lead the look and pull your focus. This is definitely one of my favorite looks of this summer!

Much love –
     xx Val 


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