Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finally Home

Wow. Another semester finished and I'm finally home again! As much as I love being away at school in Oklahoma it is really so nice to come back home to spend Christmas in New York with my family. Being so far away, I don't fly home very often. Actually, for the fall semesters I don't come home at all. I've been in Oklahoma since August! I love school and my friends and my sorority sisters, but honestly nothing compares to sleeping in my own bed in my mom's house with my brother and sister down the hall.

Now I'm someone who celebrates Christmas, but the whole holiday season is easily one of my favorite times of year. With school on hold it's a nice time to de-stress and find some peace and relaxation. I had a really strenuous semester and one of my professors told me to go home and find my zen. And boy of boy has it been helping. Laying on the couch and sleeping late might be considered a little bit lazy, but I'm totally okay with that for a few more days. Let me know below how you spend your holidays and how you find you zen!

Oh! Also, before I forget; As some of you may know I've been wanting to start a vlog for ages. Well, I think I'm finally going to start once I get back to campus after the holidays. I'll be drafting up some video ideas but if you have any videos you'd really love to see please let me know in a comment down below!

More posts to come this month and lots more in the new year!
And Home for the Holidays is going to be my while I'm at home series. Keeps everything neat.
Love you guys! And have a great holiday season!

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