Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outfits & Essentials: Staying In at Home for the Holidays

I've been home now for a few days and my look has remained pretty consistent. As it's getting colder and colder and I have nowhere to go, I've been rocking these winter essentials.

Sweatshirt: Fraternity Collection - $78.00
Sweatpants: Victoria's Secret - $69.50
Hair Ties: The Giving Girl on Etsy - Starting at $3.90
Socks: Aeropostale - On sale at $4.00
Blanket: Target - $16.99

What are some of your favorite winter essentials when staying in? Let me know in a comment down below! Talk to you soon.

1 comment :

  1. Love that sweatshirt! Looks sooooo comfy :) I love wearing some warm, comfy sweats and my husband's large shirts. Keeps me warm through the winter months!