Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Time on Madison Avenue

Last week I took a trip into Manhattan to see some of my friends in a musical theater showcase my school was sponsoring over at the Ailey School. It wasn't until to 2:00 but I headed in to the city early, getting in at about 10:30. I met my aunt for an early lunch and a quick trip to MAC to pick up some eyeshadow and when she had to leave for an appointment I headed towards Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue might be my favorite part of the city and wow, walking up and down it by myself was an absolute treat.
I'd been dying to try some Ladurée French Macarons for ages, and had totally forgotten that there was a shop on Madison Ave. I was so beyond excited when I spotted it across the street and immediately dashed over. I couldn't decide if I wanted a creamy one or a fruity one, so I caved and got one of each; pistachio and raspberry. I can't even tell you which I thought was better. They were both incredible. If I could only enjoy one treat for the rest of my life Ladurée French Macarons are it.
After the performance, I had some a few hours to kill before I was to meet up with my aunt again for dinner. I'd never been to the Madison Avenue Lilly Pulitzer, despite being a New Yorker, so I took a trip up towards 79th. Wow it was so beautiful inside. I was looking to pick up some of the Alpha Phi printed gifts but they were out, which was a bummer but I did pick up a new coozie (which I'm thinking of possibly using for a giveaway). The staff were just beyond sweet and really made my experience in the store a great one. I'm not really in a place right now where I can splurge on a big Lilly purchase and not once did I ever feel like they were pressuring me into either buying something or leaving. I would absolutely go back again!
Afterwards I headed over to Central Park which is so beautiful in the spring time. Having been in Oklahoma for the past couple of months has meant that I haven't really been around for New York's transition from winter into spring and summer but the park was looking beyond gorgeous. I walked around for a bit and then sat down to organize my thoughts and my planner, just enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I've never been someone who's had a hard time with alone time, but I never expected to enjoy my time in Manhattan as I did. I generally have my sister or a guy with me when I'm having a little daytime adventure, but having no one to entertain but myself was extremely nice. Everyone should try to take a day for themselves at some point. I could walk as quickly as I wanted, take photos of whatever, stop in any shops I wanted to browse, try clothes on I had no intentions of buying so I could see them on myself; it was just an all around great day.

Take vacations with yourself, even if they only last a couple of hours. You're better company than you expect you are.

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