Monday, June 23, 2014

One Direction: Our Moment

I've said it once and I'll say it forever; I love One Direction. When I first heard that the boys were releasing a fragrance I immediately put it on my Christmas list. My family, being the wonderful people that they are, got me not only the perfume for Christmas, but the whole gift set which includes a body lotion and shower gel. When I went back to school I didn't take the set with me, afraid that it might get jostled or busted up through the traveling, so I have only just been using the set since mid May. And oh boy. I love this stuff.
Well firstly, the packaging is gorgeous. The gift box has all five of the gorgeous guys on it, so duh I love it. But the inside is super sturdy and I've been keeping everything inside the box even as I've been using it. It's been keeping out the dust and keeping all the products together has reminded me to use them together. (Full disclosure; I haven't used the shower gel yet because I share a shower and don't want anyone else to use it up on me!) 
The website describes the scent to be "...made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers infused with undertones of warm musk." They go on to say, "The pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants, combined with the delicacy of jasmine petals, and frangipani with the dry woody tones of musk and patchouli leave an enticing and playful scent on the skin."

All in all, it smells gorgeous. It's a light scent but it sticks around throughout the day. I'd say it's more of a spring and summer fragrance, but I'm sure I'll be wearing it during autumn and winter as well. The body lotion keeps its scent as well, and keeps my skin feeling soft throughout wearing it. It's definitely more fragrance as opposed to moisturizing, but that doesn't come as much of a surprise.

If their other fragrance That Moment and the upcoming You & I are as good then you can be sure those perfumes are going to find their way onto my shelf!
Any perfumes or colognes you've been lovely as of late? Let me know down below!

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